Saturday, June 23, 2012

The Blog is Re-Open for Business

Ever since starting this blog, I have admittedly been quite negligent, and have usually taken to writing on my Facebook Notes Page. However, in light of my desire to show my original sources and the overall better structure of Blogger, I feel compelled to give this blog a proper re-starting. Hence I am proud to re-christen the old "Philosophical Bluesman" blog as "The EMG Blog: Amplified for Your Pleasure."

As a Modus Operandi, the EMG Blog will serve as a free-form blog, that will cover a wide array of topics, from domestic politics, to foreign policy, to the culture that politics exists in, as well as critiques of books, essays, music and movies. All of the opinions here will be mine and mine alone. The EMG Blog will strive for independence, and, despite inevitably carrying some of the biases of the blogger-as is the case with any blog-it will not serve as a mouthpiece for any one party, ideology, or platform. In addition, I will strive for honesty in the use of all resources and will be as honest as my understanding of the facts as I can possibly be.

In keeping with that spirit, if someone can, with primary sources and well-substantiated arguments correct me, I will be more than willing to admit I am wrong. In addition, any time I critique fellow bloggers or writers, I will post my sources so that you, the reader, can examine for yourself and see if I misunderstood the facts.

With all of this in mind, I am excited to re-start the EMG Blog and begin the conversation.

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