Saturday, April 4, 2009

My first blog on this thing

I usually blog on other websites, but welcome to my official blog, the Philosophical Bluesman. Here I will show my thoughts on music, politics, and religion and show some of my terrible poetry. Let's get started:

Woodrow Wilson once quipped about the point of college being to help young men not be like their fathers. Well if that is true, than the point of high school is to be the least like yourself and the most like everybody else. Everybody says that high school is about finding yourself and whee you fit in the world. That's a load of crap. High school is about conforming to what society wants you to be and then knowing your place. You are then forced to fight throug these idiotic cliques in order to fit in, while they strip you of your individuality in exchange for acceptance by your peers. In other words, it's the perfect training facility for corpoprate America.

But what if it didn't have to be that way? What if somebody tried to go against the grain and chose not to worry about fitting in. What if they just chose to be themselves and see if the world would accept them and if not, screw it? What if we stopped going by what we are told to think and feel and instead went by what we actually did think and feel?

Of course, I say this because such a travesty cannot happen in this little microcosm we call high school. People who have morals and values realize that there has to be compromise and wind up drinking on the weekend. The kids who party hard realize that they must be presentable in some way or shape, so they go to church and become involved in student government. Then the losers realize they do not belong in society and choose to sequester themselves from the world and do not even try to interact with others because they are essentially the lepers of high school society.

In the end, there is no hope for high school life. In truth, the best way to find yourself is to live outside of high school while in high school. Then and only then can you be your true self.

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