Wednesday, April 15, 2009

There is a saying out there that goes "confidence is a funny thing; not enough and you think you are a fool; too much and you are the fool." It seems like that confidence is what it is all about. It seems like in today's society, we are so afraid of being vulnerable because if we are vulnerable, we let people in. And to let people in is to let them be able to hurt you. That alone is why we seek this elusive figure called confidence.If you do not believe me, then tell me, why do you own the things you own? Why do you do the things you do? It's because it makes you feel good. We put on these clothes and drive these nice cars and listen to the trendiest music so that we feel like we belong and that we aren't "strange" or "different." Yet the strangest thing to me is the avoidance of being strange. The most different thing is not accepting that you are different. We have been told by society that we must be monolithic and have our next shopping lists of clothes and cars and entertainment dictated to us by the magazines and the televisions.In the end, this rat race drives us mad. It is scientifically proven that people in more prosperous nations are less happy. Why? Because they have saturated themselves with too much stuff and not enough time learning how to be happy. However, I say it is time to be happy. I say it is time we stop wearing clothes because we are told we have to. I say we drive the car that makes the most sense to us. I say we listen to the music that we want to listen to because it sounds good. And I know that it may sound weird because it seems so obvious but everything is so topsy-turvy. We have become so stupid that we really have to do this stuff.Also we got to stop trying to find comfort in the stuff we have and find more comfort in the things we can't put on credit. Spending more time with God and with family. Instead of being worried about losing you money or stuff, why not tithe, or buy a homeless person a meal? Or why not take your family to Disneyland? I guarantee you will be happier. So I say, stop fretting and feel confident with who you are, not the mold that society tells you to be.

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